Digital Strategy & Consulting

Digital Business, Marketing and Technology Consulting

Brand Architecture
Digital Strategy
Tech Architecture
Operational / Functional Management

We work with our clients on…
> Business Issues and Ideas – How they relate to / or are impacted by Digital (Internet, Apps, Tablets, etc)
> Integrated Digital (Channel) Strategy
> Digital Product or Platform Development
> Digital Marketing, Media & PR Strategy
> Digital Service Strategy
> Digital Technology Strategy, Road-Maps
> Consult on the selection of technologies for your business.

We have a simple framework for delivering strategy for consulting with you:

  • INFORMED  - Help you understand the possibilities of the technologies and its relation to your business / customers
  • IDENTIFY –  Identify – Assess potential – ROI, identify risks and mitigation strategies, give cost estimates
  • PRIORITISE – Assess size of projects, roll out strategy / plan / change management / campaign management
  • DELIVERY – Provide guidance on project timelines, development approaches (Agile / use cases etc)





User Experience & Design

The Connection between the Head and the Heart.

We believe that people consume information through the lens of emotion.
How they “feel” when they view information is equally important as the information itself.
So design is critical.

> It impacts the simplicity that customers have with you on an experiential level,
> Positions your brand on an emotional level

And together they need to facilitate the commercial outcomes your business requires.

Our Process starts with some basic information:

- Understand who your target markets
- Why are they interested in your products or services?
- What motivates them to want to talk to you?
- How do they “feel” about the services you offer?

Based on the outcome of this investigation we then layer the information in such a
way that the key “hooks” are most prominent in the “information architecture” of the
digital experience. As a result…

- We engage your audience quickly so that they are keen to invest more time in learning more about your brand and offering.
- We use ‘design’ principles to achieve the right emotional experience to help the customer to absorb the information in the right emotional context

As a consequence – you will get the balance between ‘brand positioning’ and highly effective  ’commercial outcomes’ – such as traffic, registrations, subscriptions, sales, referrals, leads, prospects, retention etc.

Full Site Design

  • Unique Value Proposition/s identified
  • Customer Profile
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design based on Brand
  • Heat Mapping
  • Analytics

Microsite Design

  • URL Strategy
  • Social Media integration

Social Media Home Page Design (Facebook/Twitter)

  • Social media integration
  • Branded social media pages
  • Campaign pages

Search & Digital Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) , Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Online Advertising and Social Media Marketing.

Our team has helped drive our clients search engine ranking to 1st page results.

At the same time we have increased traffic from paid search with an ever decreasing cost per result.

Between us we have managed digital spends of well over $10m in search and online advertising.

And nothing is done, without a robust measurement framework for optimisation of results and commercial outcomes.

Manage your “relevance” to increase your quality score.

“The simple first rule of branding and marketing anything: keep your promises.” – Seth Godin

Search engines give your business an amazing opportunity to reach your audience.  By their very definition, they filter out uninterested people and focus your message on people that are actually looking for the services you offer.  Done correctly, search engine marketing can transform a business.

The golden rule of digital marketing though is be open and honest from the start.  Identify what your target audience really cares about and ensure you deliver what they need.

Digicap can work with your business to help it identify critical messages that your audience care about.  We can then help you to build search marketing campaigns that target your audience based on these key messages.  Thanks to real-time statistics we can make decisions to improve the messages and decrease your cost per acquisition.

We have expertise in Pay Per Click marketing (Search and Display), as well as Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Site Audit
  • Link Building
  • Content Optimisation
  • Copywriting
  • Reporting
  • Keyword Targeting

Pay Per Click Marketing

  • Targeted to specific behaviour and insight
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Generate visits that convert into leads
  • Target time of day
  • Conversion funnel analytics
  • Iterative key term research and optimisation
  • Landing Page experimentation and optimisation

Insight and Strategy

  • Key term volume
  • Key term trends
  • Competitor tracking
  • Budget planning
  • URL strategy

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation


  • Are you sick of paying for traffic through your online advertising spend or offline marketing and PR budgets, when you know natural store traffic is much cheaper?
  • Does it frustrate you that smaller unknown brands and websites seem to be able to rank ahead of you on the Google search engine results pages?
  • Does your mind boggle, when you type your company name into Google and your competitors website appears first on the list?
  • Does it drive you bonkers to see your competitors rank highly on search terms related to the products and brands that you specialise in, that deliver you big margins to your profitability.
  • Do you think the whole thing is a scam or some conspiracy between Google and Search Marketing agencies?

Well if you fit into one of the above, we can help you. If you don’t, then share your challenge with as a test of our ability.

We believe we can help you, with our jargon free, commercially driven, cost effective  strategy and solutions.

We are highly experienced,  and take a  much broader view of your SEO activity.
We do this so that your budget can be better leveraged across you entire digital strategy, including SEM, Social and Content Strategies.



PPC - Pay per Click Marketing

or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Affiliate Marketing

With experience managing  search budgets over $3 million dollars we have the experience to drive high volumes, high quality, cost effective search traffic through highly designed customer experiences.

We focus on driving customer traffic that converts from visitors to sales, or at the very least, leads!

Our highly optimised, A-B testing, long tail (Can I fit any more jargon here?) approach, will see you quickly establish whether Search engine marketing is an approapriate strategy for your business.

And if not, from the information we have captured, help you determine affiliate opportunities or Search Engine Optimisation strategies.

Strategy & Insight

Consulting on your business needs;

  • Leverage company sources of information / data
  • Leverage market sources of information / data
  • Identify market threats / gaps

This will enable…

  • Define Problems / Opportunities
  • Quantify Problems / Opportunities
  • Determine Solutions
  • Qualify Solutions
  • Measure Performance.
  • Optimising outcomes.


and therefor – MAXIMISING  PROFIT / ROI


Digital Production

Yes, Change is rapidly occurring!
Thanks to the Internet you are now able to reach audiences in new and novel ways.  The line is completely blurred between traditional media and digital media.  Savvy businesses are recognising this shift has occurred and are now looking to partner with providers that can produce high quality digital assets for their business.

Several years ago, names like WordPress, Joomla, and even Facebook and Google did not exist.  The Internet is a dynamic eco-system that is creating new and exciting opportunities to engage with your audience on a daily basis.  Digital Captivation’s team are focused on understanding the new opportunities as they emerge, and applying them to our clients business challenges and or opportunities.

We can develop digital solutions for your business ranging from Websites, to Social Media applications, to tailored Business Systems.

We can offer you solutions based on Microsoft technologies (.Net, Microsoft SQL Server, etc) or Open source technologies (PHP, My SQL, WordPress, Joomla, etc).  We typically recommend solutions based on your requirements and leveraging our experience.

  • Web site development
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • eCommerce development
  • Mobile web development
  • Social media and social networking
  • Database development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Intranet and Extranets
  • Customer Relationship Management Solutions (CRM)
  • Integration Services between organisations
  • Managed Web Hosting Services
  • Security and Monitoring Services
  • Data backup and restoration

Magento Web Design and Development

Digicap has a team of specialist Magento Developers based in our Melbourne office.

Digicap has built a strong capability in Magento Development at our Melbourne studio because Magento Commerce is considered one of the leading eCommerce platforms available today.  We take a lot of pride in the fact that our Development team are highly skilled in Magento website development. In our experience, Magento has proved to be a robust and comprehensive eCommerce solution for businesses, individuals and organisations, that are serious about their eCommerce presence.

What makes Magento Commerce a platform of choice?

  • Product Management Interface
  • Multi level pricing
  • Simple One Page Checkout
  • Guest or User Account checkout options
  • Comprehensive Commerce site analytics (including cart abandonment, sales, order tracking)
  • Persistant shopping
  • Multiple Payment and Shipping Options
  • Promotional tools (coupon codes, discount rules)
  • Product Suggestion tools
  • Content Management System
  • Systems integrations

Magento Commerce comes in three flavours – Magento Community, Magento Go, and Magento Enterprise. Magento Community is an open-source version.  Our developers can customise this version to specifically meet your requirements.  We have full access to all aspects of this version including the core code of the system.  Magento Go on the other hand is a cloud based version of the Magento platform.  It offers a larger “out-of-the-box” set of features, however since it is cloud based we are limited to the amount of customisation we can make.  Magento Enterprise is the premium version of Magento offering a broader range of features.

When you engage Digicap to help you with your Magento project, we will complete a requirements assessment first, and then recommend the most appropriate version of Magento to match your business budget and needs.  We always consider the total cost of ownership when recommending a solution to our clients.

We work with businesses of all sizes and have the experience to determine the most appropriate Magento site design and development for your business.  Check out our latest Magento work here.

We encourage you to get in contact with Digicap to discuss how we can help you shape your eCommerce project into a reality utilising Magento’s industry leading eCommerce platform.

Wordpress Development Services

Did you know in 2012 over 60 Million Websites were hosted on WordPress and more than half the websites based on a Content Management System are based on WordPress?  The reason why is simple;  Wordpress is in Digicap’s opinion the best Content Management System available to businesses today.  We believe strongly in the use of WordPress.  We have our own dedicated team of WordPress website developers who live and breath WordPress code in our Melbourne agency.

The main strength of WordPress is in its flexibility.  Wordpress was initially developed for the blogging community, however today its use extends way beyond blogging.  Our Solutions Architect will work with you to leverage the flexibility of WordPress to design a solution that meets the vision of your business and leverages the many features of WordPress.

One of the powerful features of WordPress is the ability to use plugins.  Digicap’s WordPress developers are constantly learning about and testing new WordPress Plugins that become available.  We have also developed a number of plugins of our own.  Plugins allow us to utilise libraries of software available in the market place to rapidly implement functionality into your WordPress website.

We typically work with clients of all sizes to develop corporate websites, micro-sites, and simple eCommerce sites using WordPress.  We have developed Multi-language sites as well using WordPress and its powerful Multi-site capability.

Digicap’s Melbourne based WordPress Development team are here to build a high quality web site for your business.  Even though we are based in Melbourne, we work with many clients in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth as well.  Our Solutions Architects can meet with you to design the solution for our team in Melbourne to build, alternatively, many clients come to our studio to meet with our production team to discuss their requirements.  Check out some of the recent work we have done for clients using WordPress here.

If you would like to talk to us about WordPress and how we can help you to build your website on this powerful Content Management System platform just click the Contact Us button at the top of this page.


- Using social media tools and websites to deliver and manage customer communications, sales, servicing, issues management and even product development.
- Using social media environments to establish brand position / proposition, and as a channel to drive customer engagement
- We work closely with our alliance partners on delivering ‘Enterprise Social Platforms’

How do we approach it?
Depending on the state of your current social media plans / activities…we will;

  • Audit or Review (Customer Experience assessment. Compliance)
  • Create Strategic & Operational Plan (Integrated with marketing, sales, service and or public affairs)
  • Create & Build Assets (Micro-Sites, Campaigns, Content Plans, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, YouTube, etc)
  • Create Capability (Policy, Staff Training, Risk Management, Authorities)
  • Execute Campaigns or ongoing Servicing & Response (Daily Updates, Tracking and Reporting)

We ensure you take a commercial approach ;
> Increase advocacy (Real Engagement)
> Increase referrals (Real Advocacy)
> Increase Traffic (Real People)
> Reposition brand (Retain Value & Good Will)
> Reduce costs to serve through channels (Manage Costs)

We Leverage;
We know the importance of these tactics within the context of your Google search rankings on both strategic keyword terms and tactical (crisis or campaign) terms.

Mobile Solutions


The advent of the smart phone is changing the world.

It’s a phone, a calendar, a music player, payment mechanism, a diary, a contact list, a weather station, a road map, an encyclopedia and, well you know…all that other stuff!

It’s the universal and ubiquitous device, now more prolific than we probably ever imagined.

But with over 1 million apps now available on two different platforms, how do you know what to build, why you should build it, an indeed, how do you merchandise it within the Android and IOS “App Stores”?

Furthermore, what about privacy, data security, integrity, app version management, and or competitor threats. Or Geographic control?

At Digital Captivation we can give you the support you need to define, design,  develop and deploy a strategically sensible solution that minimises your risk and maximises your return.

From “do nothing” to “joint venture” application development – we can help define  a strategic solution for you.




If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Digicap helps our clients to continually optimise their customer’s experience.  This is particularly critical if you are investing money in driving potential clients to your website in the hope of generating business from this activity.

Digicap uses a variety of web analytic tools and insight to provide insight into what your visitors are doing when they visit the web site.  We even build experiments for you to help to identify what works and what does not.  The results of these experiments then inform the incremental design process.

We employ both “off-site” and “on-site” analytic tools to identify where your audience interacts online, how they interact, and then how they interact with you.